Sing with Gratitude

Series: Christmas with Traders Point | Week 2: Angel Visits

Read Luke 1:46-56
*We encourage you to read today’s verses at the link above or in your personal Bible.

1. How did Mary describe God in her song?
2. How did Mary describe herself?
3. What does this reveal about the type of person she was?

While Mary visited Elizabeth, celebrating the promise of two babies who would be born to two unlikely mothers, her overflow was praise. In this song, Mary praised God for who He is, not only to her but to the poor and oppressed. She recognized that she’d been given a huge honor, and in humility and gratitude, she lifted up God’s name in song.

Her words would become a pattern that we continue to follow to this day. In any circumstance, we have reason to sing with gratitude. To praise God for doing great things, showing us mercy, meeting our needs, and fulfilling His promises. We don’t have to wait until Sunday to do this in church. We can express gratitude to God anytime, anywhere, all throughout the week.

When is the last time you thanked God? Take some time to do that now. Consider getting a notebook and pen, and write down all the ways God has done great things in your life, shown you mercy, met your needs, or fulfilled His promises. Don’t leave this place without expressing gratitude.

Want to go deeper? Let the song, “Gratitude,” guide your own personal time of praise. As you listen, name all the ways you’re thankful for Jesus. You can watch or listen to the song here.

Christmas with Traders Point