We exist to remove unnecessary barriers that keep people from Jesus.

Traders Point is one church in multiple locations around Indianapolis. We have this conviction that Jesus is the only One who can change anyone, and He is available to everyone. All you need to do is trust Him, look to Him, follow Him and let Him do what only He can in your life. So we want to clear a path to get people to Him.

Whether you’ve been attending church your whole life, you’ve never once been inside a church, or maybe you’ve been hurt by a church in the past, one thing is true: we’re all looking for hope.

We believe Jesus is our hope, and we simply want you to know Him more. Jesus loves and accepts you as you are. The even better news is that He refuses to leave you the way He found you.

Our History

Traders Point was started back in 1834, by a group of settlers with a desire to gather together to worship, and then to scatter to proclaim the name of Jesus to their community. And that’s still the heart of who we are today – not because it’s our idea of how church should work, but because it’s what the early Church did that we read about in the New Testament of the Bible.  

Today, we are one church with locations all over Indianapolis, and we have a heart for our city.