Remember with Reverence

Series: Christmas with Traders Point | Week 2: Angel Visits

Read Luke 1:57-80
*We encourage you to read today’s verses at the link above or in your personal Bible.

1. What was the collective response to John’s birth?
2. How did Zechariah’s life change in particular?
3. What type of man did John grow up to be (verse 80)?

Today’s passage is often glossed over in light of the Christmas story, but it’s a powerful foreshadowing of what was to come. John the Baptist’s birth pointed to the supernatural work of God, and Zechariah’s prophecy deepened that reverence. When his voice came back, Zechariah remembered God’s work over generations. He recognized the part his own son would play in the Messiah’s coming and spoke it aloud with awe.

As Christmas Day nears, don’t miss this poignant moment. Every promise of God spoken from the beginning of time throughout all generations was fulfilled not only through Jesus, but through John the Baptist, who came to earth to prepare the way. Because of this, we too can remember with reverence just how good and holy God is.

Reread Zechariah’s words in verses 68-79, and ask God what He wants to reveal to you about Himself today. Is there anything that speaks to you in this specific season and moment? Sit in quiet reverence, reflecting on His plan that unfolded over thousands of years, and thank Him for inviting you to be part of it.

Want to go deeper? Visit this link for more on John the Baptist and the significance of his role to prepare the way for Jesus.

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Christmas with Traders Point