Celebrate with Others

Series: Christmas with Traders Point | Week 2: Angel Visits

Read Luke 1:39-45
*We encourage you to read today’s verses at the link above or in your personal Bible.

1. What resulted after Mary’s greeting (verse 41)?
2. What heart posture did Elizabeth respond with?
3. How did she describe Mary?

Two women – one young, one old – found themselves carrying babies that would forever change the course of history. Elizabeth’s child was a miracle because of her old age. Mary’s child was a miracle because of how He was conceived. Together these two women found mutual encouragement, reassurance, and joy in each other’s presence.

This short passage displays not only the importance of relationship but also the kindness of God to give us other people who can celebrate when we celebrate, cry when we cry, and encourage when we’re struggling to see a way forward. Just as God provided that type of community for Mary and Elizabeth, He provides it for us too.

Do you have these types of relationships in your life? If not, what can you do to step into community with others? How can you encourage the people around you, celebrating when they celebrate, and walking alongside them when life is hard? Thank God for His kindness to provide community, and ask Him for relationships where you can find mutual encouragement.

Want to go deeper? Read this article for a contrast between Mary and Elizabeth’s circumstances and how God brought them together to change the world.

**TPCC does not necessarily endorse all “Want to go deeper” sources. They are simply meant to be a helpful tool.

Christmas with Traders Point