Maybe you’re looking for a new church home. Maybe you’re not sure about church, but you’re looking for some hope. Maybe somebody invited you, and you want to be polite, so you said, “Yes, sure I’ll come,” and now you’re not sure what you’ve gotten yourself into. Or maybe you want to find a church community, but you aren't comfortable going in person.

We get it. To be a new person in a new place can be awkward. It’s intimidating, especially when that new place is a church.

Regardless of what you believe about God or wherever you might be on your spiritual journey, whatever has gone on in your past or whatever you are currently walking through, you are welcome here. In fact, at Traders Point, you can belong before you believe.

Here’s why: We believe that God loves you as you are, He receives you as you are, and He cares about you just as you are. But here’s the really good news: He loves you so much that He refuses to leave you as you are.

If you have doubts, questions, and struggles, and if your life is messy—if your life is anything like ours—Traders Point is a safe place to bring those things and meet the God who loves you so much.

We meet for about an hour in-person and online every weekend, and we go through a series of talks—message series—that usually last about three to six weeks. We look at the Bible, why it matters, and how to apply it to our lives.

We don’t want to waste your time. We want you to leave every week feeling that, regardless of what you currently believe about God, your experience at Traders Point was helpful and hopeful.