Right Reasons

Series: Among Lions | Week 2: When the Pressure's On

Read Daniel 2:24-30

1. Who did Arioch give credit to (verse 25)?
2. Who did Daniel give credit to?
3. According to Daniel, why did God reveal the dream to him (verse 30)?

Everything Daniel did in approaching this situation hints at a motivation that was aligned with God. He protected his peers, he didn’t take credit for himself, and he cared more about the king’s heart than his power. While Daniel had every excuse to gloat or accuse, he approached the king with the right posture for the right reasons.

Just like God used Daniel, He wants to use us to share the truth of His Word with the world. This means we don’t isolate, blend in, water down, or throw judgment from a distance. We choose to be deeply involved in the lives of others as we live unapologetically for God. We step in and we always point to Him.

Take a few minutes now to reflect on the following questions. As you do, confess what comes to the surface, and ask God to show you a next step to live with the right posture for the right reasons.

• Where and when are you tempted to isolate, blend in, or cast judgment?
• How does Daniel’s example inspire or challenge you to change?

Want to go deeper? What does it mean to be “in the world, but not of it”? Is that what we’re really called to do? Read this article for more.

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Among Lions