Praise Under Pressure

Series: Among Lions | Week 2: When the Pressure's On

Read Daniel 2:19-23

1. What answer to prayer prompted Daniel’s praise?
2. What attributes of God did he praise?
3. What actions of God did he praise?

Leading up to this point in the story, Daniel’s life was on the line. The revealing of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream was no small thing. Yet before Daniel rushed off with the news, he stopped to thank the One who revealed the dream to him. His praise acknowledged that God was not only present in his circumstances, but He has been present for all of time, giving His people wisdom and strength.

The same is true today. In a pressure-packed culture, it can be hard to see God. But He’s present and working. No matter the pressure we’re under, God wants to be invited in, not just in prayer but in gratitude. He’s worthy to be praised.

Where have you seen God at work in your life lately? Take some time now to thank Him. Are you struggling to see anything good? Ask Him to show you how He’s working and to make His presence known. Thank Him for being present right now, and pray for eyes to see Him at work in all circumstances.

Want to go deeper? Reread Daniel’s words of praise, and make them your own. After reading each line, pause to personalize it to your own life or to world events you see happening around you.

Among Lions