Royal Kidnapping

Series: Among Lions | Week 1: When Culture Shifts

Read Daniel 1:1-6

1. What event set the stage for Daniel and his friends to be brought to Babylon (verses 1-2)?
2. What qualifications were set for the Hebrew men who would be chosen (verses 3-4)?
3. What was to happen to the men after they arrived in Babylon?

Has your world ever turned upside down overnight? That’s what happened to Daniel. After a raid on Jerusalem and the temple of God, Daniel was selected among Jerusalem’s wisest and strongest young men to be “kidnapped” for royal purposes. He was trained for three years, not merely to educate him about Babylon but to make him Babylonian.

Just like Daniel became an exile, we too are exiles in a foreign land that seeks to force its perspectives, values, systems, and beliefs on us. As long as we live on planet earth, we’re not fully at home. And just like Daniel, we have a choice to blend into the culture around us or hold onto our faith.

What everyday situations make you feel like a foreigner on this earth? Is there a situation that feels out of control, or where you’re struggling to stand firm in the midst of cultural shifts? Take some time now to turn it over to God. Thank Him for always being in control, and commit these next eight weeks to Him as you learn from Daniel’s example.

Want to go deeper? Watch this video for an overview of the Book of Daniel. Make note of anything that stands out to you or questions that you hope to explore further in future weeks.

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Among Lions