Royal Test

Series: Among Lions | Week 1: When Culture Shifts

Read Daniel 1:11-16

1. What were the conditions of Daniel’s test?
2. What were the results of the test?
3. What did Daniel and his friends eat after that point?

It’s not easy to think creatively under pressure, but that’s exactly what Daniel did in today’s passage. He not only drew a line in the sand, but he stood up for his convictions in a way that wasn’t brash or bullying. He was creative, practical, and winsome in his approach. The royal test he gave succeeded because he ultimately handed control over to God.

In a similar way, we have opportunities every day to be creative, practical, and winsome in how we interact with the world around us. When we operate from a place of wisdom and surrender, letting God act and speak through us, we have incredible opportunities to watch Him work.

Is there a situation where you’re struggling to see a path forward? Or maybe you would love to have the kind of wisdom that guided Daniel’s life under pressure? Surrender whatever comes to mind right now, turning it over to God and asking for His wisdom to point the way forward. Thank Him for being in control, and commit to letting Him lead.

Want to go deeper? Read these verses in James for a roadmap to navigate hard situations wisely like Daniel did. What action steps are mentioned?

Among Lions