Royal Influence

Series: Among Lions | Week 1: When Culture Shifts

Read Daniel 1:17-21

1. Who is named as the source of Daniel’s aptitude, wisdom, and abilities (verse 17)?
2. How did Daniel’s and his friends’ roles shift as a result of their wisdom?
3. Who did the king compare them to (verse 20)? How did they compare?

After being taken captive, renamed, indoctrinated, and tested, Daniel and his friends proved faithful to their God. In response, He did an incredible work in and through them. King Nebuchadnezzar didn’t believe in the same God and didn’t share the same values or political views. Yet he was so impressed with their conduct and wisdom that he gave them a platform of influence.

We may not find ourselves in situations as high-pressured as Daniel and his friends, but we can draw encouragement from their example. No matter our circumstances, we can stand strong with grace and wisdom. And as a result, people will notice. Our faithfulness to God can influence others in ways we could never imagine.

Are you living in a way that others see something different in you? Do your words and actions point to Jesus’ work in your life? Spend some time right now surrendering to Him. Trust that as you’re faithful, He’ll open doors for you to influence others for Him, whether people in power or people who feel unseen.

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Among Lions