Identity Check

Series: Among Lions | Week 1: When Culture Shifts

Read Daniel 1:3-7

1. What was the family origin of Daniel and his friends (verse 3)?
2. How many years were they to be trained in Babylonian language and literature?
3. What step was taken to further shift their identity (verse 7)?

Yesterday we read about the captivity of Daniel and his friends. Today we read about a shift that hit straight to the heart of their identity. Their Hebrew names were changed to Babylonian names, and the meaning was significant. While their Hebrew names planted their identity in the one true God, their Babylonian names attempted to shift their identities in relation to Babylonian gods.

In our own lives, our identities can be shaped by many factors. Culture tries to tell us who we are, but ultimately, our identity is grounded in who God says we are. He says we’re chosen, loved, adopted, forgiven, and equipped to do His will. No matter how strong the cultural current, we can plant ourselves in our identity as Christ followers.

Have you fully grounded yourself in Him? Or are you allowing culture to lay claim to your name and your purpose? Surrender any areas where you need to realign your identity with Christ, and thank Him for seeing, knowing, and claiming you just as you are.

Want to go deeper? Check out this article for four questions to assess where you’re currently placing your identity and what to do about it.

*TPCC does not necessarily endorse all “Want to go deeper” sources. They are simply meant to be a helpful tool.

Among Lions