Line in the Sand

Series: Among Lions | Week 1: When Culture Shifts

Read Daniel 1:8-10

1. What word describes Daniel’s sentiments about not defiling himself (verse 8)?
2. What did he do in response?
3. How did the chief of staff respond to Daniel?

Today’s verses show us one of the first instances when Daniel drew a line in the sand. When it came to the royal food presented to him in Babylon, he was determined not to defile himself. This type of resolve means he made a decision beforehand and drew a line that he knew he wouldn’t cross. This wasn’t a sudden impulse; it was a result of lifelong commitment to following God’s ways.

In our current culture, we’re bombarded with opportunities to shift our convictions. But God calls us to hold fast. We can work hard and love people without compromising our integrity. This world will pass away, but God and His words never will.

Is there an area where you need to draw a clear line in the sand? Where have you been tempted to shift a line as the culture around you shifts? Turn it over to God now, and ask Him to remind you of the convictions and commitment He calls you to. Then take a step to draw that line for yourself.

Want to go deeper? Read Psalm 1 for a clear definition of those who follow God’s ways vs. those who don’t. What parallels do you see to Daniel’s life? What convicts you personally?

Among Lions