Fragile Foundations

Series: Among Lions | Week 2: When the Pressure's On

Read Daniel 2:31-49

1. How is the indestructible kingdom described in verses 44-45?
2. How did King Nebuchadnezzar respond after the interpretation of the dream?
3. What happened to Daniel as a result?

Today’s passage describes a somewhat bizarre scenario that disturbed King Nebuchadnezzar in his dreams. Why? Because while the kingdoms represented in the statue were impressive to look at, the king saw that they wouldn’t last. Jesus, the Rock and Cornerstone, would strike the feet of clay and build a new foundation that would never be destroyed or conquered.

While the image is sobering, it’s also a promise that can give us incredible hope. World leaders may puff themselves up and world events might make foundations shakier than ever, but we can build our foundation on the One who will never change. He’s in control of who’s in control, and we can choose to build our lives on Him.

When it comes to your own life, what “kingdoms” are you building in place of God’s Kingdom? Career, popularity, relationships, your kids’ education or sports? Take some time now to confess to God whatever comes to mind. Surrender your way, and commit to trusting God and the foundation He’s laid for you.

Want to go deeper? Spend some time in private worship, focusing on Jesus as your firm foundation. Rewatch some of the highlights from our latest worship night, or browse the song options in this playlist

Among Lions