Fearless Faith

Series: Among Lions | Week 2: When the Pressure's On

Read Daniel 2:12-18

1. How many times was Daniel mentioned in chapter 2 prior to this point (see verses 1-11)?
2. What two words are used to describe how Daniel handled the situation (verse 14)? Look at other versions of verse 14 for varying words that are used.
3. What steps did Daniel take after learning about the king’s decree?

A decree of death was issued, but Daniel didn’t waver. Instead, he showed fearless faith. He started by asking, “Why?” in order to understand the situation better. Next, he made a bold move by requesting more time from the king. He didn’t know the dream or its interpretation yet, but he was confident that God would reveal it. Then he rallied his friends to pray boldly with him for mercy.

Daniel’s actions provide a roadmap for us when we face difficult situations. By seeking to understand, being patient and confident in God’s timing, and rallying friends to pray, we too can display fearless faith to a watching world.

Is there a difficult situation you’re navigating? What would it look like to follow Daniel’s example? Or maybe you know someone else walking through a difficult situation, and you can be the friend who rallies around them in prayer. Spend some time in reflection now, turning over whatever comes to mind. Pray that as you navigate difficult situations, God would grow your faith like Daniel’s.

Want to go deeper? Take a few extra minutes to intercede on someone else’s behalf, using these prayers as a guide.

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Among Lions