Bow or Burn

Series: Among Lions | Week 3: In the Line of Fire

Read Daniel 3:1-7

1. Who was called to the dedication of the statue (verse 2)?
2. Who was ordered to bow?
3. What was the consequence for not bowing?

In a major power move, King Nebuchadnezzar built a statue covered entirely in gold. The message was clear: No matter what you believe in private, you must acknowledge the power of the empire in public. Worship wasn’t encouraged; it was demanded. And in response, people bowed down, likely fueled by fear.

In our culture today, we’re not necessarily called to bow down to gold idols, but we are called to bow down to ideologies. If we don’t comply or affirm everything in the ideology, we might be fired, cancelled, or silenced. The question is: Are we worshiping the same God in public that we worship in private?

Take a few minutes to reflect on that question now, and personalize to your own life. What ideologies are forced on you most often? Are you tempted to give in and bow? Or are you looking to God as the only One you will worship, in private and in public? Share with a friend where you’re struggling, and pray for a heart that worships God in all places, all the time.

Want to go deeper? Read these words from one of Daniel’s contemporaries on the difference between false gods and the one true God. Do you see any “false god” characteristics in something you worship?

Among Lions