Courage on Fire

Series: Among Lions | Week 3: In the Line of Fire

Read Daniel 3:26-30

1. Who examined Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when they came out of the fire?
2. What did they see?
3. What was the end result of the three young men’s faithfulness to God?

All week long, we’ve read the story of three friends who displayed incredible courage. They could have caved to pressure, but they held firm in their convictions, refusing to turn their back on the God who had walked with them through the fire. In the end, they proved to an entire nation how powerful their God was.

Where does that kind of courage come from? It comes from repetition and application – hearing what God says, then doing what He says and seeing how it builds our faith. As our faith grows, our courage is fueled. When our courage is fueled, our impact expands. Spiritual maturity is directly connected to the amount of time we spend hearing God’s Word and doing it.

How would you say you’re doing in the area of courage building? Are you spending regular time with God, learning what He says? Are you then following through to do what He says? Where is your biggest gap? Pray about it now. Invite God to speak to you and give you courage as you obey what He says.

Want to go deeper? Read these verses in Psalms, making them part of your prayer time today. Write down what you sense God prompting you to do next.

Among Lions