Responses and Rhythms

Series: Among Lions | Week 5: Among Lions

Read Daniel 6:6-10

1. What tactics did the administrators and high officers use to trap Daniel?
2. What type of law was signed (verse 8)?
3. What actions did Daniel take after learning about the law?

Yesterday we saw Daniel’s counterparts strategize how to trap him. Today we see them executing on their plan. After an appeal to the king’s pride, an irrevocable law was signed – “pray to the king or die.” Daniel knew their intent, but he didn’t panic or fight back in response. Instead, he simply went home to pray as he always did.

Prayer was part of the rhythm of Daniel’s ordinary day, as natural to him as breathing. Even when his life was on the line, he went to God and gave thanks. A significant tell in our own lives is to examine our response to trouble. How we respond is often an indicator of our daily rhythms.

When it comes to your own spiritual rhythms, what are you developing? Do you gather weekly with other believers? Are you generous with your time and resources? Do you read your Bible and pray regularly? These rhythms are what will ground you when trouble comes. Ask God to reveal where your biggest gap is, and take a step today to develop that rhythm.

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Among Lions