Courage and Consistency

Series: Among Lions | Week 5: Among Lions

Read Daniel 6:11-16

1. How did the king respond to the news that Daniel ignored his law?
2. How did the officials describe Daniel in verse 13?
3. How did the king describe him in verse 16?

The trap was set, and Daniel got caught. His rhythm of prayer was his only crime, and it didn’t go unnoticed. The officials who laid the trap knew Daniel’s reputation as a man of courage and consistency, and so did the king. From age 15 to 85, Daniel was never too young or too old to live for God.

It can be easy to look at Daniel and think he had superhuman courage to face hungry lions. But his courage was the result of decades of faithfulness. How do we know if we’re ready to live among “lions”? The bigger question is who we’ve decided to be in each moment of our lives. Courage isn’t developed in one moment. It’s developed through consistency.

Are you serving God consistently and faithfully, no matter your age or stage of life? What’s holding you back from being available to Him? Spend a few minutes praying through any roadblocks that come to mind, and ask God to help you consistently serve Him, every moment every day.

Want to go deeper? Read the following passages and write down which instruction most convicts you in your current situation or life stage: 1 Timothy 4:12-16 | Titus 2:1-7. What can you do today to begin developing consistency in that area?

Among Lions