Lifetimes and Legacies

Series: Among Lions | Week 5: Among Lions

Read Daniel 6:25-28

1. Who did King Darius send his message to?
2. What did he say about God?
3. What role did Daniel play in Darius’s message?

These final verses of Daniel 6 could only have happened through the power of God. While the chapter began with a prohibition on prayer, it concluded with the king declaring to all the world that God loves, rescues, and saves. This declaration was a direct result of Daniel’s faithfulness. His lifetime in exile led to a legacy of godly influence.

In our own lives, it can be easy to get bogged down in the problems around us and lose sight of the opportunities in front of us. Just like Daniel, as we remain faithful over a lifetime, we can build a legacy of influence. Whether our faithfulness is seen by others or not, our courage, convictions, and consistency are seen by God, and He can work through us to point others to Him.

What kind of legacy are you currently building? Are you more focused on your “exile” or on your influence? Talk with God about what legacy you hope to leave, and ask Him to show you a next step to begin building that legacy today.

Want to go deeper? Learn about others who lived a legacy of faith by reading Hebrews 11. Which person’s example resonates with you most?

Among Lions