Peace and Power

Series: Among Lions | Week 5: Among Lions

Read Daniel 6:16-24

1. What steps were taken to secure Daniel inside the den?
2. What did the king’s actions reveal about his relationship with Daniel?
3. Who received credit for Daniel’s protection?

These verses represent Daniel’s final demonstration of how to live for God in a godless culture. The lions’ den meant guaranteed death by human standards. Yet Daniel spent the night among lions, enjoying the peace and power of God. Ultimately, his works didn’t deliver him; his trust in God did.

We may not face literal lions, but we will face figurative ones. Mocking, attacks, pressure to compromise – all of these threaten to rob us of trust. When we don’t trust God, we miss out on His peace and His power. Jesus walked out of a grave so we could live free of the prison of judgment and fear.

Have you fully embraced the peace and power that He offers? If you haven’t put your trust in Jesus, you can do that today. Reach out to let us know how we can help. If you’re following Jesus but struggling to trust Him in a specific area, what needs to shift? Spend time focusing on Him now. Thank Him for the sacrifice of Jesus, and release what’s keeping you from fully trusting Him.

Want to go deeper? Read Hebrews 9:27-28, and highlight what stands out to you about Jesus’ sacrifice. Let the vastness of what He’s done fill you with awe and gratitude as you pray today.

Among Lions