Competence and Character

Series: Among Lions | Week 5: Among Lions

Read Daniel 6:1-5

1. What did the king plan to do with Daniel (verse 3)?
2. What did Daniel do to earn this distinction?
3. What roadblock did the other administrators and officers face, and how did they decide to handle it?

After six decades of public service, Daniel proved himself competent and trustworthy, which put him in line to oversee the whole empire. His counterparts searched and searched for a way to take him down, but they couldn’t find a single thing on him. When they couldn’t get him on the grounds of his character, they went after his convictions.

Daniel’s life presents an incredible example for us today. When we think about our workplaces or other areas of influence, are we living above the line? Are we faithful, responsible, and trustworthy, bringing our best every day? If someone were to try to take us down, would they easily find issues with our character? Or would they come up empty?

Take some time now to reflect on these questions, applying them to your own life. Where do you sense God bringing something to the surface that needs to change – maybe a corner you’re cutting at your job or a situation that you’re giving less than your best to? Confess it to Him now, and ask Him to shape your character.

Want to go deeper? Read Colossians 3:23-24, and highlight words or phrases that stand out to you. How does this change the way you view or approach your work, whether outside your home or within it?

Among Lions