Ancient One

Series: Among Lions | Week 6: Ancient of Days

Read Daniel 7:1-12

1. How did Daniel describe the beasts he saw?
2. What word pictures were used to describe the Ancient One?
3. Where was the Ancient One, and what was he there to do (verses 9-10)?

Daniel 7 presents an unusual picture, but it contains important truths that can give us hope. Daniel saw a vision of four beasts coming out of the sea. Suddenly the chaos was brought to the courtroom of heaven, with the Ancient One on the throne. His physical description represents purity, wisdom, and power. The beasts seemed unstoppable, but they didn’t stand a chance against the Ancient of Days.

So often we can view God as either “soft” or uncaring, questioning if He has a plan or if He’s even aware of earth’s chaos. Daniel’s vision gives us hope. No matter the chaos around us, God is on His throne, ruling with purity, wisdom, and power. He will be the ultimate judge and victor for all of time.

Are you struggling to believe that truth in a particular situation? How does the purity, wisdom, and power of God encourage you today? Pray right now, praising God for who He is and lifting your eyes above any chaos that might be overwhelming you.

Want to go deeper? Spend a few extra minutes worshiping God, using the words of this song as a guide.

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Among Lions