Eternal Kingdom

Series: Among Lions | Week 6: Ancient of Days

Read Daniel 7:15-28

1. According to Daniel’s vision, what difficulties would the holy people of God go through at the hand of the fourth beast?
2. What would God’s people be given in the end?
3. What distinguishes the kingdom of the Most High from other kingdoms?

Earlier this week we saw Daniel’s vision of four beasts, and today’s passage gives us further insight. Biblical scholars have concluded that the four beasts represent Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome, but it’s clear that these verses also represent a pattern that will repeat. Earthly kingdoms will rise and fall, but God’s kingdom will prevail. It’s an eternal kingdom, with no beginning and no end.

This is reason for incredible hope for us today. In a world with rising and falling leaders, pervasive evil, turmoil, and unrest, we can keep our eyes up, focused on the One who sits on the throne that will never be destroyed. Any pain or attack we experience today will eventually be wiped away.

How does that truth encourage you personally? Is there a situation where you’re struggling to see God at work? Confess to Him your doubt and fear. Ask Him to shift your eyes from the unstable foundations of this world and onto Him alone. If needed, reach out to a friend who can help you keep an eternal perspective.

Want to go deeper? Write down a list of things you can do this week to live for the kingdom that’s been promised to you. Read 1 Corinthians 15:57-58 for a couple ideas to start.

Among Lions