First and Last

Series: Among Lions | Week 6: Ancient of Days

Read Revelation 1:13-18

1. What parallels do you see between this passage and what we’ve read the previous two days in Daniel 7:9-14?
2. What did the Son of Man do before speaking (verse 17)?
3. What words of truth did He say as an encouragement?

600 years after Daniel’s vision of the Son of Man, the apostle John had a similar vision. Jesus’ presence was so strong that John fell at His feet. And in true Jesus fashion, He assured John with a touch, followed by words of encouragement. Not only did He tell John to not be afraid, He emphasized the truth of who He is. The First and the Last. The living one. Keeper of the keys of death and the grave.

These are reminders Jesus gave to John, and they’re the same truths we can hold onto today. When things swirl out of control in the world around us, Jesus is the First and the Last. He conquered the grave so we wouldn’t fear death. He’s the one who gives us life.

Is there a situation causing you fear? Or perhaps something that feels dead, whether a relationship, dream, or hope for your future? Let Jesus comfort you right now. Turn over whatever is on your mind, and thank Him for being eternal, alive, and active in the details of your life.

Want to go deeper? Read Psalm 34:1-8, and note all that stands out to you. How would this approach to God help free you from your own fears or discouragement?

Among Lions