Son of Man

Series: Among Lions | Week 6: Ancient of Days

Read Daniel 7:13-14

1. What did the Son of Man do (verse 13)?
2. What was He given?
3. What was the purpose of Him being given those things?

Yesterday we saw Daniel’s vision of the Ancient One on His throne. Today we’re introduced to the Son of Man, who would later be revealed as Jesus. In the New Testament, Jesus’ favorite way to describe Himself was as the Son of Man, referencing back to this very Scripture. Long before Jesus would come to earth, Daniel saw Him as both human and divine.

Jesus’ equality with God meant He was powerful and sovereign. Yet He set all of that aside to sacrifice Himself, putting on human flesh and dying for us. What an incredible glimpse to see this recording of Daniel in ancient Babylon be fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ, all so we can have hope beyond today.

When is the last time you reflected on the breadth of who Jesus is – His power as God and the sacrifices He made as a man? As you reflect, let your thoughts turn into praise and awe. Let everything that lies ahead of you today fade into the background as you spend time with Him for these few moments.

Want to go deeper? During your reflection time, read Philippians 2:6-11. Pause after each line or verse, and let the meaning of the words prompt a prayer of gratitude.

Among Lions