God’s Design

Series: Significant Other | Week 2: Sexual Formation: Part 1

Read Genesis 2:22-25

1. According to these verses, what is God’s original design for man and wife?
2. Under this design, what is present in their relationship?
3. What is missing?

“In a perfect world…” When we say those words, we’re acknowledging that the world we live in is far from perfect. But the world God initially designed was perfect, including His design for marriage. From the beginning of man and woman’s creation, they formed a friendship that grew to become more. Their marriage included innocence and intimacy, and it modeled three specific actions: (1) leaving their parents (shifting their loyalty), (2) joining together in a loving commitment, and (3) uniting into one through sexual intimacy.

Where in your life do you see a disconnect from God’s design for marriage and how you’re currently approaching your relationships? If you’re single, are you trusting that God’s design is best, and are you living that out through your actions? If you’re married, have you fully shifted your loyalty to your spouse, joined together in a loving commitment with them, and followed God’s design for sexual intimacy? Spend a few minutes praying through what comes to the surface as you process these questions. Ask for fresh perspective and commitment to follow God’s design.

If you’re walking through a difficult season in a relationship, visit our Care page for available resources.

Significant Other