Ruptured Relationships

Series: Significant Other | Week 2: Sexual Formation: Part 1

Read Genesis 3:6-13

1. What were the immediate results after Adam and Eve ate the fruit?
2. How does it compare to the relationship they enjoyed before this moment (see Genesis 2:22-25)?
3. How did their relationship with God change afterward?

Satan deceived, and Adam and Eve took the bait. In one decision, they introduced sin and ruptured their relationships with God and each other. Where innocence and intimacy previously defined their relationship, they now felt shame and guilt. One of the primary ways Satan counterfeits and deceives in our relationships is through sex. God designed sex as a gift, but because of our sinful nature, sex has the potential to rupture our dating and marriage relationships, causing pain, hurt, and disillusionment.

The good news is that Jesus offers forgiveness and grace. He never scolds, shames, or casts us out, no matter what we’ve done. He wants to repair our ruptured relationships and help us experience a new life. Where do you need His healing and forgiveness? Is there a harmful choice or ruptured relationship that you need to confess to Him now? Spend a few minutes in solitude, asking Him to reveal any areas that need healing. Then confess them to Him, and ask Him to repair what’s broken.

Significant Other