Truth vs. Lies

Series: Significant Other | Week 2: Sexual Formation: Part 1

Read Romans 1:25 and 1 John 2:16

1. What specific actions are mentioned in Romans 1:25?
2. How does 1 John 2:16 describe what the world offers?
3. How is this different from what God offers (refer to these verses but also your own experience)?

Truth versus lies. Lasting versus temporary. Creator versus created. These words represent the stark contrast between what the world offers versus what God offers. Society is constantly trying to shape our beliefs, determine our perspective, and guide our decisions about sex. But just as the account of Adam and Eve demonstrates in Genesis 2-3, God knows how sex works best because He designed it. It isn’t just physical; it’s spiritual. It isn’t just casual; it’s purposeful. When we restore our identity and relationships to God’s design, we become more like Him, and we experience greater intimacy.

When it comes to your identity and your choices, would you say you’re looking to the world or to God for answers and fulfillment? Where do you see it impacting your sexuality? Is there anything that needs to be traded so you can live in the truth of who God created you to be and how He created you to live? Take a few minutes to talk with Him about it in prayer. Ask Him to reveal any lies you’re believing about yourself or your relationships, and commit to following His design for intimacy and sex.

Significant Other