Unlikely Visitors

Series: Christmas with Traders Point | Week 3: Jesus Is Born

Read Luke 2:8-19
*We encourage you to read today’s verses at the link above or in your personal Bible.

1. What was the shepherds’ first response to the angel (verse 9)?
2. What was their next response after the angels’ news (verse 15)?
3. What did they do after seeing the baby Jesus?

The greatest miracle in history, long awaited by God’s people, had just taken place. And God chose to first announce it to a group of humble young men in a field. The scene was so overwhelming that the shepherds first responded in fear. Their fear quickly turned to awe, which led them to go and see for themselves. Once they had eyewitness proof, they immediately went and spread the news about Jesus.

This scene paints a powerful picture for us today. No matter our circumstances, financial status, or place in society, we’ve been given a front-row seat to the miracle of Jesus. He invites us to not only see Him, but tell others about who He is and what He’s done. His story is still being written, and we play an active role.

When is the last time you experienced the wonder of Jesus coming to earth and inviting you to see Him personally? Is there anyone who needs to hear this good news from you? Thank God for letting you see Him fully, and commit to telling someone about Him today.

*One great way to share Jesus is to invite someone to Christmas Eve gatherings. If someone comes to mind, here’s a link to share information about Christmas with Traders Point: tpcc.org/Christmas.

Want to go deeper? Read this article for a detailed look at what the shepherds’ life was like and the significance of them being the first to see Jesus.

**TPCC does not necessarily endorse all “Want to go deeper” sources. They are simply meant to be a helpful tool.

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