Gentleness in Truth

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 7: Gentleness

Read John 3:1-21

1. How does Jesus act gently toward Nicodemus as he asks questions?
2. What truth does Jesus share with Nicodemus in verses 16-17 to help him understand?
3. What other Fruit of the Spirit do you see exemplified in Jesus as He speaks with Nicodemus?

Pharisees were experts in the law and worked hard to be knowledgeable, wise, and obedient. Jesus wanted to break down their legalistic mindset. In this conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus, His gentleness nudged Nicodemus toward the truth he was overlooking. The way Jesus gently challenged him to understand the gospel message showed His careful, patient, and nurturing approach, knowing exactly what Nicodemus needed to hear.

Today, we’re offered the same gift. Whatever mindset we’ve had toward Jesus, we get to experience His tender heart toward us when we read His words in the Bible.

Have you experienced the nurturing care of Jesus? He shares the love of God clearly by revealing His mission to save and redeem you, just like He did with Nicodemus. When you read Scripture, ask the question, “What does this tell me about the gentleness of God?” Thank Him today for this aspect of His character, and then ask Him for a greater measure of this fruit in your own life.

Want to go deeper? Watch this video that creatively depicts the interaction between Jesus and Nicodemus in John 3. Allow it to give you a glimpse of the gentleness of Jesus as He speaks.

*TPCC does not necessarily endorse all “Want to go deeper” sources. They are simply meant to be a helpful tool.

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