Gentleness in Posture

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 7: Gentleness

Read Matthew 21:1-11

1. How is Jesus described in verse 5?
2. How might someone expect a king to arrive?
3. What makes Jesus set apart as King based on His entry into Jerusalem?


A king was expected to have a loud and proud entry when arriving at a destination. Jesus portrayed a different version of being King. His humble entrance to Jerusalem sent a message about what it means to be part of the Kingdom of God. He repeatedly broke the mold of the expected way to show power, and He teaches us here how to lead from a posture of gentleness and humility.

We can follow in His footsteps by considering the ways we embody gentleness. Not only do our words make a difference, but our actions and the way we enter a room can reflect gentleness to the world too.

When others interact with you, do they experience humility and tenderheartedness? Examine your heart and consider how you present yourself to others. What might be preventing you from living from a posture of gentleness? Ask God to help you identify the areas in your life where you can grow to have a humble and gentle posture like Jesus.

Want to go deeper? Pray Psalm 139:23-24 a few times throughout the day to check in with yourself, and ask God to reveal anything that’s keeping you from a posture of gentleness.

What the World Needs Now