Wholesome Thinking

Series: Among Lions | Week 7: When the Future Is Uncertain

Read 2 Peter 3:1-2

1. What does Peter call his readers that reveals his relationship with them?
2. In communicating with them, what two things has he tried to do?
3. Whose words does he want them to remember?

Yesterday we read about Daniel’s vision of the end times. For the remainder of this week, we’ll look at a New Testament account of what to expect in the end times and how to respond. To set the stage, Peter begins by urging his readers to stimulate wholesome thinking and refresh their memories of what God has said.

No matter how long we’ve followed Jesus, we can learn new things while also applying timeless principles from God’s Word to our ever-changing circumstances. In order to learn, remember, and apply, we have to open our Bibles regularly. Knowing God is more helpful than knowing anything else.

As you reflect on your own life, what are you doing to stimulate wholesome thinking that lines up with God’s Word? What are you doing to refresh your memory on who God is, who He says you are, and His plan for your life? Take some time now to confess wherever you’ve become complacent. Thank Him for His Word, and commit to regularly carving out time to learn, remember, and apply it.

Want to go deeper? Read Psalm 119:89-104, letting it guide your prayer time. Note all the ways that knowing and remembering God’s Word can shape you.

Among Lions