Knowing Jesus

Series: Among Lions | Week 7: When the Future Is Uncertain

Read 2 Peter 3:15-18

1. What words are used to describe people who twisted Paul’s letters to mean something different (verse 16)?
2. How were Peter’s friends encouraged to respond to these people?
3. What were Peter’s friends urged to grow in?

We started this week with Daniel’s vision of the end times. We conclude with a challenge to be on guard and to grow in grace and knowledge. Daniel’s vision portrayed the Antichrist as a deceiver (Daniel 8:25). Peter later warned his friends of similar deception, specifically people twisting the words of God. How did he urge his friends to respond? By knowing Jesus so deeply that the counterfeit would be obvious.

In our culture today, a lot of people spout off counterfeit messages, twisting the words of God into something that sounds good but is ultimately false. Our best defense is to grow in our knowledge of Jesus – to deepen our understanding of His Word and His grace. Then when counterfeit messages come, we can better discern truth.

How intentionally are you growing in your knowledge of Jesus? Are you learning His Word as well as His way of grace? What needs to change so you can better discern counterfeit messages from the real thing? Confess where you’ve strayed, and ask God to help you know Him more deeply.

Want to go deeper? Check out this podcast clip for four ways to discern between counterfeit messengers and truth-filled messengers.

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Among Lions