Who you are, not what you have.

Series: Flow | Week 2: It Flows Out

Read Luke 16:10-12

1. Count the number of if-then statements and questions Jesus makes in these three verses.
2. What does He seem to be comparing worldly wealth to?
3. How do you think Jesus’ mostly poor audience would have heard this message?

In the eyes of Jesus, worldly wealth falls into the category of little things. What He’s after is men and women who are faithful, trustworthy and honest regardless of their circumstances. What job or task has God placed in front of you that He’s asking you to be faithful with, regardless of what others have or what’s happening around you? Who you are before you have enough is who you will be after.

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For Families with Kids at Home
Today, spend time thanking God with your kids for everything you have, and remind them that it’s God—not us—who provides us with what we need.