Every kind of greed.

Series: Flow | Week 1: It Flows In

Read Luke 12:13-15

1. Picture this scene in your mind (look back at verse 1 for a bigger picture of it). What is bothering the person in verse 13?
2. What does Jesus see behind the question?
3. What do you think Jesus means by “every kind of greed”?

Greed shows up any number of ways in our lives, and Jesus issues a strong warning against it. Spend some time with God now, asking Him to point out places you may be unknowingly harboring greed. When do you compare up? What causes discontentment in you? The answers to these questions could be an indicator. Confess any greed God has brought to light and ask for His help to guard against it.

For Further Reading: One Woman’s Story of Discovering A New Kind of Greed

For Families with Kids at Home
How does greed show up in the lives of your kids? Next time you experience your kids acting greedy, pause and help them reflect on the cause of their greed. Ask God to help bring contentment into their hearts.