Called to give an account.

Series: Flow | Week 2: It Flows Out

Read Luke 16:1-4

1. What is the manager’s job and how is he performing (verse 1)?
2. What does the employer tell his manager to do in verse 2?
3. How do you imagine the manager is feeling according to verses 3-4?

A day will come when we, too, will stand in front of our Creator and be asked to give an account for how we managed all the resources He placed under our care. What things would you change if you lived in light of this truth? Spend a few minutes now asking God to remind you daily that everything you have is ultimately His. Take one step of faith today to manage it wisely.

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For Families with Kids at Home
Do you talk to your kids about finances? If not, that’s okay—today is never a bad day to start, and you can take it slowly. Start by answering their questions at an age-appropriate level, and by being open about what your family’s values are when it comes to stewarding your resources in God-honoring ways.