Investing in eternity.

Series: Flow | Week 2: It Flows Out

Read Luke 16:4-9

1. How does the manager ensure he’ll be taken care of when he’s jobless? At whose expense?
2. How does his employer respond when he learns what his manager has done in verse 8?
3. What does Jesus say is the meaning of this parable?

Jesus isn’t commending the manager’s dishonesty, but He is commending his savvy to prepare for an unknown future using someone else’s resources. How are you investing in eternity? One day, in Heaven, there will be friends waiting to welcome you for the ways you used earthly wealth to help them come to faith in Jesus. Ask God to continue to change your earthly mindset into a Heavenly one.

For Further Learning: Bible Project Podcast (note: Luke 16 is discussed halfway through)

For Families with Kids at Home
Today, pray that your kids would have a heavenly mindset as they grow and mature in their faith when it comes to their resources. Ask God to help you teach and lead by example.