No servant can serve two masters.

Series: Flow | Week 2: It Flows Out

Read Luke 16:13-15

1. What does Jesus say are the only two options for who His followers choose to serve?
2. How do the Pharisees respond and why?
3. What extreme words does Jesus use to get His point across?

Jesus plainly tells His disciples it’s only possible to have one real pursuit and, one day, the heart behind those pursuits will be exposed. The Pharisees heard this message and they dismissed it. What will you do with it? Ask God to work in you, helping you grow in your pursuit of Him and His purposes alone.

For Further Reading: This Similar Teaching From Paul

For Families with Kids at Home
How can you and your family pursue and focus on Jesus during this season, and not get lost in materialism? What we focus on and build in the everyday moments with our kids has a huge impact in their discipleship.