Seek first.

Series: Flow | Week 1: It Flows In

Read Luke 12:27-31

1. What second illustration does Jesus use to describe our value to God?
2. What does worrying say about where we place our faith and who or what we worship?
3. What does Jesus say we are to replace worry with (verse 31)?

Putting God first means inviting Him and His wisdom into every area of your life and asking Him to be Lord. Spend some time now asking God to search your heart for any places you haven’t made Him Lord – your love life, your finances, your body image, your family. Tell Him you want to worship Him above all else and ask for His help to surrender and trust.

For Further Reading: What Does It Mean to Seek God’s Kingdom?

For Families with Kids at Home
Leading a family during this time might leave you feeling worn out or weary. Ask God to help you surrender the weight of parenthood and trust that He will continue to guide you as you seek His kingdom above all else.