A faith to answer worry.

Series: Flow | Week 1: It Flows In

Read Luke 12:22-26

1. What does Jesus say is often at the root of our greed (verse 22)?
2. Using the illustration of ravens, what does Jesus point out about how God views us?
3. Is there anything that worrying accomplishes?

It can be really hard to see Jesus say things like, “Don’t worry. God cares for you. You’re valuable to Him!” when you’ve faced or are facing real hardship. Maybe you feel like God isn’t there or He isn’t hearing the ways you’ve been crying out to Him. Please know you aren’t alone in those feelings. Listen to the story and then lyrics of the song “Even If“ by MercyMe, and ask God to grow a faith in you that’s rooted in His character alone.

For Further Reading: Having an “Even if He Doesn’t” Kind of Faith

For Families with Kids at Home
Read this passage today as a family. Ask your kids what might be causing them to worry right now. Listen carefully to their hardships and help them take those worries to God in prayer. Close out by thanking God for the way he cares for us.