Treasure in heaven.

Series: Flow | Week 1: It Flows In

Read Luke 12:32-34

1. How does verse 32 demonstrate the tender care and love of God toward us?
2. How would obeying verse 33 serve as an antidote to the greed Jesus is addressing?
3. Is verse 34 a statement of fact or a command from Jesus?

Spend a few minutes now thinking about where your finances say your treasure is. The simple truth is that it’s also where you’ll find the true desires of your heart. Ask God to begin to mold your heart to look more like His each day, starting with how you handle your personal finances.

For Further Reading: God and Possessions

For Families with Kids at Home
Have a conversation with your kids about things that they treasure—money, toys, clothes, technology, etc. Ask them how they can honor God with those possessions in a way that molds their heart to look more like Jesus.