The first Easter

Series: Waymaker | Week 3: Light in the Darkness

John 20:19 
“That Sunday evening the disciples were meeting behind locked doors because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders.”

The very first Easter, Jesus’ followers found themselves in a situation very similar to the one we find ourselves in today—locked in a house together, sheltered in place. Because their leader had just been executed, they feared they may be next. To add to the uncertainty they were undoubtedly swimming in, they’d also heard reports from a few of the disciples that Jesus’ body was no longer in the tomb! Their normal had been stripped away. 

Respond in Prayer
If you find yourself in a similar place to the disciples on this first Easter – anxious, afraid, facing loss, uncertain of anything – take some time to acknowledge it to your Heavenly Father now. Ask Him to help you recognize the gift in the pain. What would He have you do with it? Are there idols you’ve come to recognize in your life that you need to turn over to Him? Thank Him for the victory that His resurrection offers you over these things!

For Families with Kids at Home
If you find yourself anxious, afraid, and distracted, take some time today to confess your fears to God, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you parent and stay present with your kids throughout this day. How have the things that you loved that are no longer happening kept you from connecting with your kids? How can God use this season to help your family connect in new ways?