So that the world will know.

Series: Behind the Mask | Week 1: Don't Take the Bait!

Read John 17:20-23

1. Jesus has prayed for Himself and for the disciples. Who does He now pray for?
2. What words and phrases does Jesus repeat?
3. What is the ultimate goal of the unity of all believers according to verses 21 and 23?

1. Of all the things Jesus could have prayed for us, He focused on one thing only and that was our unity as His Church. Spend some time praying for this very thing. Pray and ask that God’s Church would be a picture of perfect unity so that the world will know the love of Jesus! Ask that God would soften your heart to truly long for this unity in the Church.
2. Think of a person or group of people that you have a hard time feeling united with and pray for them now, too. Pray that even if they never change—even if they never share your same opinions or ways of doing things—God would give you supernatural abilities to love them and be a peacemaker.

For Further Reading: Pray for Unity

For Families with Kids at Home
Today, pray for unity within our church and strength for your family to live in unity with people that think differently from you.

Behind the Mask