Living for an Eternal King.

Series: Behind the Mask | Week 1: Don't Take the Bait!

Read John 17:24-26

1. What is the longing of Jesus’ heart in these verses?
2. At this point, what do the disciples know and what do they have?
3. How does the love of the Father seem to sustain Jesus?

1. Jesus had a constant vision of the eternal rather than the temporary. He can’t wait until we are reunited with Him! Ask God to help you know how to live as a responsible citizen in your world while maintaining a focus on the eternal. Ask Him to strengthen a longing for heaven in your heart.
2. Think proactively now about all the ways the world tries to divide you or lure you into destructive arguments on a daily basis. Ask that God would help you see the traps for what they are and for Holy Spirit strength to not take the bait. Instead look for ways to love unconditionally.

For Further Reading: Reflect on the truth of these words today.

For Families with Kids at Home
As you end this week, take time to talk to your family about having an eternal mindset. Pray together as a family that you would be united together in Jesus and lead with love in every circumstance.

Behind the Mask