Mission critical.

Series: Behind the Mask | Week 1: Don't Take the Bait!

Read John 17:11-19 

1. List all the things Jesus now prays for the disciples.
2. According to verse 11, why does Jesus pray for protection over the disciples?
3. What does Jesus ask for the disciples twice in verses 17 and 19?

1. Jesus knew before He left that the world would hate the disciples, yet He still sent them into the world. Reflect for a few minutes on this. What would have happened to the Church had the disciples not been sent? What if they had not been united?
2. Thank God now for His plan to grow His Church from the very beginning. The mission of the Church is critical. We aren’t just giving people encouragement to get by, we’re giving people the hope of Jesus! Ask for His help to always see this bigger picture.

For Further Reading: Living for Jesus in a World That Will Hate You

For Families with Kids at Home
The week can get busy and it can be hard to slow down as a family and have spiritual conversations. Today, try to take time together and read John 17:11-19 and talk about the importance of reaching others for Jesus. 

Behind the Mask