Overlooking an offense.

Series: Behind the Mask | Week 2: Step Over the Offense

Read These Proverbs 

1. How is a wise person described in these proverbs?
2. How do they use words and how do they act?
3. How does love cover wrongs?

1. It takes more strength to step over an offense than it does to react or respond every time you’re offended, which is why Proverbs calls this person wise. Pick one area of your life where you seem to get offended easily and spend a few minutes now asking God to give you the strength to overlook offenses in that area this week.
2. When you get offended, are you usually assuming the worst of someone or the best? Do you try to defend yourself or win the argument? What would it look like to lead with love? Ask God to help you more readily cover offenses with love one step at a time.

For Further Reading: The Joy of Overlooking an Offense

For Families with Kids at Home
Today, lead your family in what it looks like to step over offenses within your family and with others in your life. As you go about your week allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in a conversation with your kids about overlooking offenses and looking for the best in people.

Behind the Mask