A Heart of Forgiveness

Series: Behind the Mask | Week 3: Release the Weight

Read Matthew 18:21-22


1. What did Peter’s Jewish tradition teach about forgiveness that would make forgiving seven times seem extravagant?
2. In Peter’s hypothetical question to Jesus, has the sinful brother asked for forgiveness that we know of? 
3. What is the heart behind Jesus’ response to Peter? 


1. Is it more natural for you to want to take revenge when wronged or to forgive? Jesus knew it would be hard for us to forgive others when we are wronged! Anger gives us an adrenaline rush that feels good temporarily but eventually turns toxic if we hold onto it. Take a minute now to think of a person who has wronged you that you need to forgive.

2. The heart behind Jesus’ answer is this: offer forgiveness an unlimited amount of times and, in turn, develop an attitude and heart of forgiveness. Spend a few minutes praying for the person who came to mind and ask God to help you forgive them, understanding it may be a request you have to make often.

For Further Reading: What Forgiveness Requires

For Families with Kids at Home

As you begin the week, pray that your kids would have a heart of forgiveness towards others. Lead by example in what it looks like to forgive others and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in a conversation with your kids about forgiveness this week.

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