Overcome Evil With Good

Series: Behind the Mask | Week 3: Release the Weight

Read Romans 12:17-21


1. Make a list of what are we instructed to do and what we are to let God do.

2. How is each action evidence of what lives in our hearts?

3. What perpetuates evil and what conquers it?


1. Reconciliation requires two, but forgiveness can happen within the heart of one. Ask for God’s help to “do all that you can to live in peace with everyone” regardless of how the other person might respond.

2. How could you take a step today in showing an act of forgiveness toward someone? What is a tangible way you could feed your enemy or give them something to drink? Remember, as you do so, you are disarming your enemy and possibly softening his/her heart as well!

For Further Reading: Forgiveness: What It Is & What It Is Not

For Families with Kids at Home

As you end the week, share a moment with your kids of when you forgave someone and how God worked through that situation. It could give your kids an example of how God works today through someone forgiving.

Behind the Mask