Humanizing Our Offenders

Series: Behind the Mask | Week 3: Release the Weight

Read Matthew 18:28-35


1. Upon having his own debt forgiven, describe what the servant then does.

2. How is the situation of his debtor both similar to and different from his own?

3. How does the king respond to the servant?


1. The unmerciful servant didn’t see another human being, he saw an unpaid debt. As you think about the person who has hurt you or wronged you, have you done the same? Have you dehumanized them, seeing only the hurt they’ve caused in their place?

2. Ask God now to help you see your offender as just another wounded soul and to create compassion in your heart for them. Remember that forgiveness isn’t excusing or even forgetting – it’s a decision you make even when you don’t feel like it. Feelings follow.

For Further Learning: Bible Project’s Podcast on Forgiveness

For Families with Kids at Home

Pray over your kids today by name asking God to help them to have a spirit of forgiveness and that others would know they love Jesus by how they forgive.

Behind the Mask