Overcome the opposition.

Series: Behind the Mask | Week 2: Step Over the Offense

Read 1 Peter 5:8-9 and Luke 17:1

1. What do these verses tell us we can count on concerning opposition and temptation?
2. What can we do when we face this opposition?
3. How does knowing other believers also face the same opposition help you?

1. There is a real and present enemy who wants to destroy you and your witness for Christ, and he is crafty and creative. If you’ve fallen into the trap of being offended and are holding onto an offense, recognize his attacks on your life. Thank God for being greater and stronger and for always providing a way out of the trap you may find yourself in.
2. Staying united with our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world helps us in our battles against the enemy. If you don’t have fellow believers alongside you on your journey, ask God if it’s time to consider joining a group.

For Further Learning: Letting Go of Bitterness Message from Life Church

For Families with Kids at Home
As you end the week, talk to your family about the importance of staying unified and not allowing offensives to come between you. Pray for each other to not fall into the trap of holding onto an offense.

Behind the Mask